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Take 2 Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Ruffled Feathers
"Mr. Mayor, permission to speak freely?" Carlie Cooper asked. She and Mayor J Jonah Jameson Jr. were standing on the roof of the police station.
"Permission granted Detective Cooper. After all, your witnessing a golden age, one with a city run by me!" Jonah said.
"This is a f**king stupid idea." Carlie said.
"Detective, I need to talk to him, and I don't think either of us have his phone number." Jonah said.
'Well, that's not exactly true.' Carlie thought.
"Now light it up!" The mayor ordered. Carlie sighed, before flipping a switch. Instantly, a giant spider emblem appeared in the sky.
"I hope to god he doesn't make a-" Carlie began to say, when a voice cut her off.
"Harvey Dent. Can he be trusted?" Spider-Man asked in a gruff voice from the shadows.
"Are you done?" Carlie asked.
"Hey, I'm not the one risking a lawsuit from DC Comics." Spider-Man said, and all of a sudden the Spider Signal shorted out.
"What the hell?! Do you know how much taxpayer money th
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Take 2 Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Thunder and Lightning
A/N: this chapter combined Superior Spider-Man 2 and Avenging Spider-Man 18. As I'm not sure if Mary Jane remembers she was married to Peter, so in this story Mephisto wiped both their memories. I don't plan on compressing two issues into one chapter often, but I may do it for stuff like Massacre or No Escape part one
'I knew this was coming.' Peter Parker thought, as he examined the spot where Electro had landed only a few days earlier. 'I figured Electro would have gotten caught in the Earth's electromagnetic field after Thor threw him into space, and it was only a matter of time before he came back. Looks like I was right. And now? I'm scared.'
New York
'Max Dillon isn't one of the brightest lights on the strand, but he's probably one of the most powerful beings on the planet.' Spider-Man thought as he swung through New York. 'Back when I first began to fight him, his body produced constant amounts of electricity. As the years went on, his powers jus
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Take 2 Chapter 1: Amazing or Superior
Chapter 1: Amazing hero or Superior Hero?!
Science Building
The New York police department has sent several officers, and they were all engaged in a firefight with Shocker, Speed Demon, Boomerang, the Living Brain, and what looked like a new, female Beetle. "Dammit, these tin cans are worse than useless!" A cop said, looking at the members of the mayor's Anti-Spider Squad that laid deactivated and broken. "We've got guys with super speed, ray guns, and exploding boomerangs. That's right, exploding boomerangs!"
"Speed Demon, keep the exit clear!" Boomerang said.
"Got it. Doing it again. What now?" Speed Demon said as he wrecked another Anti-Spider mandroid.
"Shocker, cover him!" Boomerang ordered. "Living Brain, Beetle, status!"
"Objective complete. Barometric Oscillator acquired." The Living Brain said, the new Beetle trailing close behind him.
"We got your dingus, Boomerang. Now call your wheelman and let's hurry up." Beetle said.
"That'd be BIG wheelman to you, little lady." A voice
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Superior Spider-Man Take 2
Superior Spider-Man: Take 2
A/M: first new story of 2014! I'd like to go ahead and let everyone know that I haven't read ASM 700, only a summary, as $7.99 for a single issue? I don't care how good it is, but that's highway robbery. Anyways, enjoy this alternate take on the Superior Spider-Man!
Otto Octavius, in the stolen body of Peter Parker, raised the taxi above his old body, ready to crush his old body and the mind of Peter Parker trapped within.   "It's over, Parker. I've won." He said, and Peter smirked using Otto's mouth.
"Not yet." He said, and pressed a button on his arm. A golden Octobot sprung from the ground, wrapping around Ock, an the two began experiencing each other's memories. Ock pulled it off him, and was about to destroy him, when four mechanical arms wrapped around his limbs, and the golden octobot wrapped around his body.
"NO! It's not fair! I posses the superior intellect, I am destined to become the Superior Spider-Man!" Ock yelled as the transfer was compl
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I just couldn't leave Emerald out of my little head canon here... It was not allowed.

Hopefully more art of everyone's favorite sideburned book store owner soon!
LongSean22 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
HEY! Thanks for the fav on "Tuksons Revenge".

Glad to see so many people happy to see him get a little retribution.

Long live the sideburn king
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Than was probably one of the funniest RWBY pieces I've ever seen. Great job!
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